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The Naparima Alumni Association of Canada was founded in Toronto in 1978. Its regular membership consists of past students and staff of seven institutions established by Canadian Presbyterian missionaries who began their work in Trinidad in 1868. These institutions are Hillview College, Iere High School, Naparima College, Naparima Girls’ High School, Naparima Teachers’ Training College, St. Andrew’s Theological College and St. Augustine Girls’ High School. There is also constitutional provision for Associate memberships.

We support our alma mater schools through annual funding for student awards, bursaries and classroom and library resources and equipment. Special projects also receive financial support.

The funding for our associated Trinidad schools comes from the net proceeds of a variety of events such as dinner/dances, tea parties and concerts.

One of the aims of the Association is to provide an avenue for educational and cultural interaction with the society at large. In achieving this aim we provide financial support and expertise for various activities in Ontario. These include bursaries for graduating high school students, funding for the purchase and maintenance of steelpan instruments used in Toronto-area schools’ music programmes, donations to libraries, hospitals and churches and to various charities. We also organize and run community-oriented programs such as steelpan classes and educational and topical workshops.

Naparima Alumni Association of Canada is a registered Ontario non-profit corporation. The income derived from licensed bingo sessions forms the basis of support for programmes in Ontario.

Birth of the NAAC- Significant Milestones

The Naparima Alumni Association was born at a meeting on April 8, 1978 at the Head Office of The United Church of Canada on St. Clair Avenue. This meeting was actually supposed to launch the Naparima College Old Boys’ Association, Toronto Chapter. During discussion concerning the “form” of the organization we wished to have, a proposal was made from the floor that we create a broader based alumni association that would reflect “our Canadian reality”. This suggestion was accepted and thus the NAAC was born.
The following sequence of events leading up to the birth of the NAAC helps to put the age of the organization in perspective.

  • October 25, 1976 – a letter was received by Steve Ramsankar from the secretary of the Naparima College Old Boys’ Association granting him the authority to establish Canadian chapters.
  • May 14, 1977 – 16 former students of Naparima College met to discuss the formation of a chapter of the “Old Boys” in Toronto; a motion was passed supporting this and a working committee was established to implement the motion.
  • March 4, 1978 – 50 “Old Boys” attended an Inaugural Banquet at the Hotel Triumph
  • April 8, 1978 – “Old Boys” association transformed into the “NAPARIMA ALUMNI”
  • April 22, 1978 – 1st Executive Meeting of the NAPARIMA ALUMNI ASSOCIATION.

Steve’s request to the Old Boys’ Association in San Fernando led to the letter of October 25, 1976. This started the chain of events leading to the formation of the NAAC.

Presidents of NAAC

1977-78 Merlin Seukeran /Fred Thornhill
1978-79 Fred Thornhill
1979-80 Harold Naphtali 
1980-81 Howard Sammy
1981-82 Milton Moonah
1982-83 Rawle Narayansingh
1983-84 Harold Naphtali
1984-85 Kelvin Shah
1985-86 Arthur Siblal
1986-87 Deleisha Ali
1987-88 Ralph Shah
1988-89 Howard Sammy
1989-90 Fulton Seunarine
1990-91 Arthur Siblal
1991-92 Ian Ramdial
1992-93 Mohan Bissoondial
1993-94 Rustin Oree
1994-95 Rustin Oree
1995-96 Stanley Algoo
1996-97 Ian Ramdial
1997-98 Risel Maharaj
1998-99 Stanley Algoo
1999-00 Selwyn Baboolal
2000-01 Imogen Foster-Algoo
2001-02 Cynthia Ramdeen
2002-03 Ian Ramdial
2003-04 Norma Ramsahai
2004-05 Risel Maharaj/Merle Ramdial
2005-06 Vitra Mungal
2006-07 Selwyn Baboolal
2007-08 Selwyn Baboolal
2008-09 Merle Ramdial
2009-10 Merle Ramdial
2010-11 Merle Ramdial
2011-12 Merle Ramdial
2012-13 Merle Ramdial
2013-14 Merle Ramdial
2014-15 Cynthia Ramdeen
2015-16 Ian Ramdial
2016-17 Merle Ramdial
2017-18 Merle Ramdial
2018-19 Merle Ramdial
2019-20 Merle Ramdial
2020-21 Merle Ramdial
2021-22 Merle Ramdial


Hillview College

Iere High School

Naparima College

Naparima Girls' H.S.

St. Augustine Girls' H.S.

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